Torts in a Nutshell

Author: Kionka, Edward J.
Edition: 6th
Copyright Date: 2015
  • Publication Date: July 28th, 2015
  • ISBN: 9781628105513
  • Subject: Torts
  • Series: Nutshells
  • Type: Overviews
  • Description: A clear, concise, current, and authoritative explanation of all of the most important U.S. tort law doctrines, including those covered in first-year torts courses in law schools. Coverage includes tort law origins and objectives; causation; strict liability; negligence liability and defenses; intentional tort liability and defenses; special liability rules (premises liability, products liability, employers, etc.); damages; tort and contract; immunities; wrongful death and survival; defamation; privacy; misrepresentation.