• West Academic Study Aids

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is West Academic Study Aids?

    • An online subscription-based service that provides electronic access to hundreds of study aids.

    • You can add notes, highlights, or bookmarks to your study aids, and you can search and filter on these markups.

    • You can create a list of "favorite" study aids for easy access.

    • You can also view books or listen to audio titles offline on mobile devices.

    How do I access West Academic Study Aids?

    If your law school library provides your subscription, access is generally available through a link on your law school library’s web page. Alternative, you can go directly to subscription.westacademic.com.

    If you’re on your school network, you can browse the collection without creating an account or signing in. If you’re not on your school network, or if you want to take notes and highlights or read offline, then you need to create an account.

    If you purchased your Subscription on the West Academic store (store.westacademic.com), you get access when you sign in at subscription.westacademic.com.

    I'm signed in, but I get an error saying I need a subscription. What's wrong?

    If your law school library provides your subscription, we need to verify your school email address before you can read books on the site. Follow these steps:

    1. Go to subscription.westacademic.com.

    2. Sign in (or create an account, if you haven’t already done so).

    3. In the top right, click Hello Firstname Lastname and select My Account from the drop-down list that appears.

    4. On the My Account page, in the My School/Organization section, enter your school email. If you already provided your email address and you see a message that email verification is pending, click to resend the verification email.

    5. Check your email and click the link in the email we send. The link opens a page where you sign in, and access is turned on.

    If you need help, contact Customer Service at 1-877-888-1330 (option 4) or support@westacademic.com

    What content is available?

    Content includes study aids from West Academic Publishing, Foundation Press, and Gilbert, including:

    • Overviews—provides an overview of a subject area; helps reinforce class discussion and professor lectures.

    • Outlines—helps you organize and understand legal rules and concepts covered in class.

    • Case Briefs—helps you identify and understand the key takeaways from the cases you read in your casebook.

    • Hornbooks/Treatises—makes great reference guides, citing landmark cases, statutes, and articles.

    • Exam Prep—helps you prepare for exam questions and contains answers and explanations.

    • Career Guides—start planning now for your legal career and get help with all aspects of your job search.

    • Academic Success—get the most of law school with these titles.

    • Audio lectures—listen to audio lectures anywhere and at your convenience.

    Note: If your access is provided by your law school, the content available will vary based on the subscription level purchased by the school.

    What subscription terms available?

    Subscription lengths are as follows:

    • 3 Months

    • 6 Months

    • 9 Months

    • 12 Months

    • Month-to-Month—Your Month-to-Month subscription will automatically renew and bill your credit card each month. You may cancel at any time.

    My school purchased West Academic Study Aids for its students. How is this subscription different from an individually purchased subscription?

    If your subscription was provided by your school, the functionality is the same as the product available for individual purchase, but the amount of titles in the subscription may differ depending on the subscription level selected by the school. If you purchased the subscription on your own, you always receive the subscription level that includes all available titles.

    Can I review content before I purchase a subscription?

    Yes. You can use the browse and search functionality to peruse the library. However, you cannot read the books until you purchase a subscription. If you have not subscribed, you can activate a free trial offer at store.westacademic.com/studyaidsub/.

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Dissatisfied customers can request a refund. If a cancellation request is granted, users will be granted a pro-rated refund. They will be required to pay for the balance of the current month, and will have access for the balance of the current month. To cancel your subscription, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-888-1330.

    How will I be billed, and when does billing start?

    A credit card must be used for purchase, and a one- time payment is billed to the card covering the length of the subscription. The subscription access starts at the time of the purchase.

    Can I stop and restart my subscription?

    We are unable to freeze your subscription. Once activated, the subscription will run the length of the term that was selected at the time of purchase.

    Will my notes still be there if I end my subscription and start up again at a later date?

    Yes. Your notes and other mark-up will be there if you re-subscribe at a future date using the same credentials.

    Can I print material?

    Yes. You can print unlimited pages from the browser view of a book. In the eReader that supports highlighting and note taking, you can print up to 90% of any book, though not in a single session. Within any session you can print up to 5% of a book.

    Can I copy and paste material?


    Can I add notes and highlights?

    Yes. You have these options:

    • Copy as much book text as you want from the browser into your own document, then add notes or highlights.

    • From the browser view of a book, click the Add Notes or Highlights button, then add notes or highlights in the e-Reader that opens.

    • Make notes or highlights in the West Academic Library app. These notes and highlights sync with your desktop view of the book.

    Can these products be viewed on a mobile device, such as an iPad® or iPhone®?

    Yes, except for viewing flash cards. You can also read books offline in the West Academic Library app.

    Where can I find the mobile app?

    The West Academic Library app is free and is used with West Academic Study Aids. Search for the app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app contains no books when you first open it, but you can make any book in the collection available in the app (see next question).

    How do I add books to the West Academic Library app?

    Open a book and check the Available Offline checkbox. Specifically:

    • Sign in at subscription.westacademic.com.

      • (If you are at a school that provides your subscription and you have not yet created a West Academic account, please create an account following these steps:

        1. Click the link your school provides, or go to subscription.westacademic.com. while on your school’s network.

        2. At the top right, click Create an Account.

        3. Follow the instructions that appear.)

    • Open any book and click the Available Offline checkbox

    • When you sign in to the app using your West Academic username and password, the books you selected for offline viewing appear in the app.

    If you need help, contact us at 1-877-888-1330 and select option 4 or email support@westacademic.com.

    Can I make notes and highlight in the books I have selected in the mobile app?

    Yes. Your notes and highlights will be viewable online or offline when you sign in using your West Academic account.

    Can free trial users download books to the West Academic Library app?

    No. The West Academic Library app functionality (downloading and reading books offline) is not available during a free trial.

    Is there a limit to the number of books that I can download to the app at one time?

    Yes. You can download up to 30 titles at a time.