Download the RedShelf app to read offline. The RedShelf app allows you to read your books offline and sync notes and highlights to help you study.

Download the West Academic Audio app to listen to audio titles offline. The West Academic Audio app provides offline access to audio content and audio lectures available through your subscription to the West Academic Study Aids Collection.

Titles in the West Academic Study Aids Collection are available for offline reading in the RedShelf app. The RedShelf app is available through the Apple Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. Download the West Academic Audio app to listen to audiobooks and lectures offline.

How to get offline access

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select the book you would like to read offline and open a chapter to browse the book.
  3. Click the ‘Open in RedShelf eReader’ button at the top of the page to open the book in the online reader. The book is now available for offline reading in the RedShelf app.
  4. Download the RedShelf app, available free in the Apple App store or Google Play store.
  5. In order to gain login credentials for the app, simply select "Forgot Password" and enter the email address associated with your West Academic Study Aids Collection account. You will receive an email with a password reset and should follow the instructions for creating a new password in order to sign in.
  6. Books you have viewed within the online reader will appear in the RedShelf app the next time you sign in. Your notes and highlights will sync between the app and the online reader.

How to use the Audio app

  1. Download the West Academic Audio app, available free in the Apple App or Google Play
  2. Sign in to the app with your West Academic username and password
  3. Browse or search for an audio title
  4. Download an entire title or individual tracks
  5. Click play to begin listening in the app

Why are there two mobile apps? To give our listeners and readers the best experience, we have two apps that are each designed for that specific use. The RedShelf app is for reading titles offline and the West Academic Audio app is for listening to audiobooks and lectures.

Who do I contact for support? Please email or call 877-888-1330.

What happened to the West Academic Library app? The West Academic Library app has been replaced with the RedShelf app. Titles you had previously downloaded in the West Academic Library app are no longer accessible and will need to be re-downloaded in the RedShelf app.

How do I listen to audio titles on the new app? Download the new audio app for iOS or Android. You can go directly to the new app to download and listen to titles.

What new functionality is on the new audio app? You can browse West Academic’s collection of audio titles and lectures, download individual tracks or an entire title, speed up or slow down a lecture to adjust to your listening style, and view lecture transcripts.

How many titles can I download on the audio app? There is no limit to the number of titles that you can download on the audio app.