First-Year Law Students' Exam Success: A Comprehensive Guide

Author: Berman, Sara J.
Edition: 1st
Copyright Date: 2023
  • Publication Date: June 2nd, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781685613334
  • Subject: Academic Success
  • Series: Academic and Career Success
  • Type: Academic/Prof. Development
  • Description: Taking the California First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSX)? The book is for you! This is your success companion to passing the FYLSX and getting on with law school!

    The FYLSX tests criminal law, torts, and contracts, in essay and multiple choice formats. You will find the rules for all three tested subjects (torts, contracts, and criminal law) along with practice essays in West Academic’s Step-by-Step Guides to Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law (sold separately). And, you will find practice multiple choice questions and detailed explanatory answers in the AdaptiBar® FYLSX course (sold separately). This book, along with the Step-by-Step Guides and Adaptibar, gives you everything you need to: 1) learn or review the law, 2) engage with high quality practice tests, and 3) find the motivation and inspiration to study, the strategies to overcome challenges, and the techniques to help you achieve your success goals.

    The FYLSX is one of the most difficult exams around and you need to do a lot in order to pass. The sooner you understand the rules of this game, the easier it will be. If you are in law school and getting ready to take California’s First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSX), this book is written for you and to you. The FYLSX isn’t just another test, and it is certain not a “baby” anything, though some call it “baby bar.” This book will provide training tips to get you ready for success and push you to do your very best on this tough exam. This book will also help families, friends, spouses, and partners understand just how stressful and time consuming the FYLSX really is and do their part in helping you to pass.

    Wherever you are in the process, if you are facing your first FYLSX or if you have taken it before, make this your last FYLSX! You can do it. And, FYLSX Success will help get you there!