Bar Exam Success: A Comprehensive Guide

Author: Berman, Sara J.
Edition: 1st
Copyright Date: 2020
  • Publication Date: November 18th, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781641054621
  • Subject: Bar Exam Success
  • Series: Career Guides
  • Type: Academic/Prof. Development
  • Description: The bar exam is not just another test, and this book is not just another set of instructions. This book is your personal success guide. Whether taking a UBE or a state-specific bar, students need to not only master the material but to train and prepare for one of the toughest high-stakes exam experiences around. This book will more than prepare you to pass the bar exam; the author’s words will motivate you to do what it takes to succeed in law school, on the bar exam, and in the legal profession. Particular chapters will help you to:
    • Reduce Distractions, Increase Focus, and Manage and Protect Your Time
    • Employ Powerfully Effective Learning Strategies
    • Develop and Stick to Your Schedule
    • Practice and Hone Skills for Success on MBEs, Essays, and MPTs
    • Cope with Stress and Pressure, and Help Your Friends and Family to Help You Succeed
    • Enhance your Positive Growth Mindset, Personal Wellness, and Sense of Belonging
    • Transition with Confidence from Law Student to Professional

    This book is written from the perspective of a bar mentor, your “trainer at the academic gym,” with concrete advice on how to handle the many challenges facing today’s law students. There are dozens of self-assessments, tools to help you face very real challenges on every level, and to organize and prepare to pass the bar exam. The book includes trustworthy advice and powerful personal examples from the author’s decades of helping students pass bar exams nationwide. The book is uplifting and positive, while harnessing cutting-edge, scientific learning theories.

    The time spent studying for the bar exam that so many people dread and think of as a hazing ritual can be an empowering stage, if you approach it with the right attitude, get yourself equipped for success, and then work really hard. The author calls legal education “a power tool for social change.” Passing the bar and becoming licensed will allow you to wield that tool and find opportunities throughout your professional life to do well and to do good.

    Whether you are first in your law school class or last, this book will help you achieve your goals and set you on a lifelong cycle of success.

    “Professor Berman has written an illuminating and helpful book, drawing on cutting-edge social science, that teaches students how to master the bar exam and flourish in law school. Her insights are shaped by years of experience and advances in psychological and learning sciences. If law students read this excellent book, perhaps as early as when arriving to law school, they will develop skills they can exercise and master to achieve success.”
    ‒Victor D. Quintanilla, Indiana University Bicentennial Professor; Professor, Indiana University Maurer School of Law; Adjunct Professor, Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

    “From helpful study tips to suggestions for minimizing distractions, this book is an excellent resource to guide students through the challenges of bar study. Professor Berman is a seasoned professional, who condenses years of experience into easy to read and follow advice, perfect for anyone serious about passing the bar exam.”
    ‒Paula Manning, Professor Western State College of Law

    “Wanting to shape your destiny, this book is a must-read coaching manual with action plans to boot. Professor Berman takes the mystery out of bar prep, providing hosts of inspirational tips, courageous learning strategies, and concrete wisdom for overcoming the oft-expressed intimidation that so easily immobilizes many from achieving bar exam success––success that is well within the grasp of all law school graduates aspiring to serve as professional attorneys––none be barred. This book is not meant to be read but lived. Navigate your path through this book and you will be well on your way to passing your bar exam.”
    ‒Scott Johns, Professor of the Pra