Law School Legends Audio on Conflict of Laws

Author: Borchers, Patrick J.
Edition: 3rd
Copyright Date: 2008
  • Publication Date: October 30th, 2008
  • Subject: Conflict of Laws
  • Series: Law School Legends Audio Series
  • Type: Audio Lectures
  • Description: This audio lecture on conflict of laws covers domicile; jurisdiction in personam, in rem, and quasi in rem; court competence; forum non conveniens; and choice of law. It also discusses foreign causes of action, territorial approach to choice/tort and contract, escape devices, most significant relationship, governmental interest analysis, recognition of judgments, foreign country judgments, and domestic judgments/full faith and credit. This lecture also explains review of judgments, modifiable judgments, defenses to recognition and enforcement, federal/state (Erie) problems, and constitutional limits on choice of law.