Gilbert Law Summaries on Trusts

Author: Halbach Jr., Edward C.
Edition: 13th
Copyright Date: 2007
  • Publication Date: November 21st, 2007
  • ISBN: 9780314181121
  • Subject: Trusts and Estates
  • Series: Gilbert Law Summaries
  • Type: Outlines
  • Description: This product contains an outline on trusts. Topics covered include elements of a trust, trust creation, transfer of beneficiary's interest (including spendthrift trusts), charitable trusts (including the cy pres doctrine), and a trustee's responsibilities, power, duties, and liabilities. It also covers duties and liabilities of beneficiaries, accounting for income and principal, power of settlor to modify or revoke, powers of trustee beneficiaries or courts to modify or terminate, termination of trusts by operation of law, resulting trusts, purchase money resulting trusts, and constructive trusts.