Gilbert Law Summary on Criminal Law

Authors: Dix, George E. / Abramson, Leslie W.
Edition: 20th
Copyright Date: 2023
  • Publication Date: January 20th, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781685613662
  • Subject: Criminal Law
  • Series: Gilbert Law Summaries
  • Type: Outlines
  • Description: The topics discussed in this criminal law outline are elements of crimes (including actus reus, mens rea, and causation), vicarious liability, complicity in crime, criminal liability of corporations, and defenses (including insanity, diminished capacity, intoxication, ignorance, and self-defense). Also included are inchoate crimes, homicide, other crimes against the person, crimes against habitation (including burglary and arson), crimes against property, offenses against the government, and offenses against the administration of justice.