High Court Summaries on Administrative Law (Keyed to Funk, Weaver, and Shapiro)

Author: Staff, Publisher's Editorial
Edition: 6th
Copyright Date: 2019
  • Publication Date: December 12th, 2018
  • ISBN: 9781642425918
  • Subject: Administrative Law
  • Series: High Court Case Summaries
  • Type: Case Briefs
  • Description: Funk’s High Court Case Summaries on Administrative Law, 6th contains well-prepared briefs for each major case in Funk’s casebook on Administrative Law. High Court briefs are written to present the essential facts, issue, decision and rationale for each case in a clear, concise manner. While prepared briefs can never substitute for the insight gained by actually reading a case, these briefs will help readers to identify, understand, and absorb the core “take away” knowledge from each case. Moreover, these briefs are followed by a useful legal analysis, which provides extra tips and contextual background about each case, connecting the case to the broader concepts being developed throughout the casebook. This book also supplies case vocabulary, which defines new or unusual legal words found throughout the cases.