Acing Administrative Law

Author: Jellum, Linda D.
Edition: 1st
Copyright Date: 2018
  • Publication Date: September 10th, 2018
  • ISBN: 9781640206953
  • Subject: Administrative Law
  • Series: Acing Series
  • Type: Exam Prep
  • Description: Acing Administrative Law will be useful to students preparing for exams in both Administrative Law and Leg/Reg courses. The book uses flowchart-style checklists to show students how to analyze administrative law exam questions—in ways that are both efficient and effective (and which do not generally match the sequencing of topics in most admin law courses). For example, students should always begin with a single baseline query when answering an admin law exam question: “Does this agency action involve rulemaking or adjudication?” As with all the Acing books, each chapter begins with a brief review of the important rules and concepts that govern a particular area of administrative law. The review material is followed by a flowchart that provides students with a clear roadmap for answering exam questions. Each chapter includes practice problems with solutions illustrating how to use the flowchart to analyze specific issues. The book concludes with a comprehensive flowchart and a practice problem, so that students can see how all the parts fit together.