Principles of Tort Law

Author: Shapo, Marshall S.
Edition: 4th
Copyright Date: 2016
  • Publication Date: March 1st, 2016
  • ISBN: 9781634604420
  • Subject: Torts
  • Series: Concise Hornbook Series
  • Type: Hornbook Treatises
  • Description: This edition provides a wealth of new material drawn from summaries of and quotations from scholarly books and articles and case law. The subjects of this new material are rich in their range of topics. They include:
    • The “precautionary principle”
    • Summaries on tort rationales that range from references to Kantian philosophy and a riff on Harry Potter
    • The relation of tort law to public law
    • Varied materials on consent
    • The duty question, including a summary of a recent Supreme Court case and scholarship in the area
    • Material on privacy ranging from Prosser’s classification system to LGBT plaintiffs
    • The roles of race and gender in calculations of damages
    • A criticism of “tort reform” efforts
    • Case law on the “baseball rule” with respect to spectator injuries.
    • Matters of topical ‘headline” interest include smartphones as distractions and certain aspects of publication of photos on the Internet.
    • Celebrities mentioned in items under different categories are Joan Rivers, Jesse Ventura, and Jim Boeheim.