Foreign Investment Law and Disputes including China, Europe, and North America

Author: Folsom, Ralph H.
Edition: 1st
Copyright Date: 2022
  • Publication Date: March 7th, 2022
  • ISBN: 9781685610067
  • Subject: International Transactions and Trade
  • Series: Concise Hornbook Series
  • Type: Hornbook Treatises
  • Description: Foreign Investment Law and Disputes including China, Europe and North America details foreign investment law, practice, regulation and especially dispute settlement. Citations and core foreign investment law (FIL) documents are available throughout this pragmatic Concise Hornbook. It has been designed with students, academics, lawyers, government officials and people in business in mind.

    Home country investors merge or acquire existing businesses or establish new companies in host countries. Investors purchase stocks and bonds on foreign exchanges, and sometimes foreign sovereign debt. The number of transactions and sums involved are staggering. No uniform body of foreign investment law exists. Hence foreign investment law is predominantly national, occasionally regional, in character. There are many intriguing variations on foreign investment law around the world.

    Foreign Investment Law and Disputes introduces foreign investment entry and operational control patterns, investment-related technology transfers, and expropriation issues. It also explores the multitude of bilateral investment treaties (BITs). Investment regimes under free trade agreements (FTAs) are considered, with special attention to the dynamic rules of NAFTA 1994 and its USMCA 2020 successor. Controversial foreign investor-host state arbitration awards and systems are closely examined.

    Investing in China, Europe and North America are presented as “case studies”.