Privacy Law in a Nutshell

Authors: Soma, John T. / Rynerson, Stephen D. / Kitaev, Erica
Edition: 2nd
Copyright Date: 2014
  • Publication Date: March 3rd, 2014
  • ISBN: 9780314289421
  • Subject: Privacy Law
  • Series: Nutshells
  • Type: Overviews
  • Description: The Privacy Nutshell briefly reviews the historical roots of privacy, and then examines each of these U.S. privacy statutes and regulations. Virtually all governments and businesses face privacy considerations as technology continues to evolve. Legal issues related to privacy are exploding on the U.S. legal scene. The EU has a long history of a strong regulatory privacy regime. The U. S., however, follows a sectoral approach to privacy, whereby Congress responds to each privacy “crisis” with a new statute and set of regulations. This sectoral approach has resulted in a unique series of privacy rules for different areas of society. The Privacy Nutshell is an excellent introductory guide to the legal privacy world.