Acing Federal Income Tax

Author: Donaldson, Samuel A.
Edition: 1st
Copyright Date: 2008
  • Publication Date: August 13th, 2008
  • ISBN: 9780314176837
  • Subject: Taxation
  • Series: Acing Series
  • Type: Exam Prep
  • Description: Acing Federal Income Tax is a new study aid from Professor Samuel A. Donaldson of the University of Washington School of Law. Using the innovative format of the Acing Series, this cutting-edge title uses a detailed checklist format to help students navigate systematically through the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code that are commonly studied in introductory federal income taxation courses. Acing Income Tax helps students through the most challenging part of a first course in taxation: arranging and synthesizing all of the Code provisions, cases, rulings, and regulations on a given topic into a coherent, step-by-step resource that the student can use to analyze a tax question accurately and thoroughly. Despite its compact size, Acing Income Tax is complete with summaries of key topics and sample problems with detailed analysis. No other study aid in the field offers so much value per page!