Global Issues in Mediation

Authors: Nolan-Haley, Jacqueline / Deason, Ellen E. / Gonstead, Mariana Hernandez-Crespo
Edition: 1st
Copyright Date: 2019
  • Publication Date: June 10th, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781683286196
  • Subject: Dispute Resolution
  • Series: Global Issues
  • Type: Global Issues
  • Description: This book is an essential read for mediators, arbitrators, students, attorneys, policy makers, business people, and other professionals involved with cross-border interactions. It provides a comprehensive and cutting-edge overview of topics that are essential for informed decision making about resolving disputes in our global landscape. Although arbitration has traditionally been widely-used to resolve disputes internationally, mediation is increasingly considered an attractive option that gives parties control over the process they use and the outcome they decide upon. The book covers the latest developments in court-connected and mandatory forms of mediation, cultural considerations, legal issues and regulation, ethical challenges, combining mediation with other processes, mediation of investor-state disputes, innovative trends in process and system design, and peacemaking mediation. The book is designed to stand on its own or provide a supplement in traditional dispute resolution courses. It is appropriate for those who want an introduction as well as for those seeking insightful analyses of the most recent developments in the field.