Gilbert Law Summaries on Federal Courts

Authors: Fletcher, William A. / Pfander, James E.
Edition: 6th
Copyright Date: 2019
  • Publication Date: May 28th, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781642427028
  • Subject: Federal Courts
  • Series: Gilbert Law Summaries
  • Type: Outlines
  • Description: This Federal Courts outline discusses Article III courts, the "case or controversy" requirement, justiciability, advisory opinions, political questions, and ripeness. It also includes mootness, standing, congressional power over federal court jurisdiction, Supreme Court jurisdiction, district court subject matter jurisdiction (including federal question jurisdiction and diversity jurisdiction), and pendent and ancillary jurisdiction. Other topics include removal jurisdiction, venue, forum non conveniens, law applied in the federal courts (including Erie Doctrine), federal law in the state courts, abstention, habeas corpus for state prisoners, federal injunctions against state court proceedings, and Eleventh Amendment.