Copyright Law in a Nutshell

Author: LaFrance, Mary
Edition: 2nd
Copyright Date: 2011
  • Publication Date: April 26th, 2011
  • ISBN: 9780314271907
  • Subject: Intellectual Property
  • Series: Nutshells
  • Type: Overviews
  • Description: This book offers a compact yet comprehensive and up-to-date overview of U.S. copyright law in an uncluttered and readable format. It covers topics including:The fundamental concepts of originality, authorship, and infringementThe highly technical rules governing digital phonorecord deliveries and digital public performance rights in sound recordingsThe safe harbor provisions that limit the liability of Internet service providersThe anti-circumvention and copyright management information provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright ActThe evolving doctrines of fair use and contributory liability are also given thorough attention.