Developing Professional Skills, Criminal Procedure

Author: Hutchins, Renee M.
Edition: 1st
Copyright Date: 2017
  • Publication Date: December 9th, 2016
  • ISBN: 9781634602778
  • Subject: Criminal Procedure
  • Series: Developing Professional Skill
  • Type: Skills
  • Description: Faculty teaching criminal procedure often find it difficult to craft relevant, well-defined exercises that require students to apply the rules governing the investigation and adjudication of criminal cases. This innovative book offers ten separate assignments that encourage students to develop the wide range of skills they will need for the effective practice of law. Each of the exercises is grounded in well-known and widely-taught rules of criminal procedure. Consequently, the book can be used with virtually any criminal procedure text. Students using the book will have the opportunity to develop skills such as:
    • Writing an email in a professional setting
    • Brainstorming case strategy
    • Drafting a suppression motion
    • Negotiating a plea
    • Drafting an appellate brief
    • Making an oral argument