Law School Legends Audio on Securities Regulations

Author: Maynard, Therese H.
Edition: 2006th
Copyright Date: 2007
  • Publication Date: December 1st, 2006
  • Subject: Securities Regulation
  • Series: Law School Legends Audio Series
  • Type: Audio Lectures
  • Description: Securities Regulations condenses securities regulations into one lecture, including law, hypotheticals, and exam tips. This audio lecture covers such topics as: modern financial markets, securities markets, federal securities law, the role of the SEC, forces of change at work in today’s securities markets, the definition of security, public offerings and the registration process under Section 5 of the 1933 Act, preparing the registration statement, shelf registration procedures, the SEC’s new public offering reform rules, resales of securities by non-issuers, and express civil liability provisions of the 1933 Act.