Oil and Gas Law and Taxation

Authors: Hemingway, Richard W. / Anderson, Owen L. / Dzienkowski, John S. / Lowe, John S. / Peroni, Robert J. / Pierce, David E. / Smith, Ernest E.
Edition: 4th
Copyright Date: 2004
  • Publication Date: November 11th, 2004
  • ISBN: 9780314147059
  • Subject: Oil and Gas Law
  • Series: Hornbooks
  • Type: Hornbook Treatises
  • Description: This work covers the substantive law of oil and gas and federal income taxation of oil and gas transactions. The first three chapters examine interests and transactions in the mineral estate. The fourth chapter covers surface and subsurface issues. Chapters five through eight examine in detail the oil and gas lease. Chapter nine addresses the issue of transfers by the lessor and the lessee. Chapters 10 through 12 are devoted to oil and gas taxation. Students will see that this work gives them quick access to the law of oil and gas and the law of oil and gas taxation.